Textile: European’s proposals to stop the plight of Tunisians

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Changing the rules of origin is a win-win solution for complementarity to be efficient between Tunisia and Europe in terms of trade in textiles and clothing since these rules have become obsolete, not adapted to the current industrial reality of EU partners and discriminate between countries, said Constantin Livas, senior expert at Unit DG Grow F4- Tourism, Emerging and Creative Industries at the European Commission in Brussels (Belgium).

“The principle of the new rules of origin will have to allow a better control of the quality of the manufactured product which would be exchanged only in the Mediterranean zone, without passing through a third country”, he added.

“Tunisia, which is going through a bad period in the textile-clothing sector, will lose if it tries to compete with Asian countries such as Bangladesh which has a labor cost of $ 0.5 against 2, 5 dollars for Tunisia, hence the need to find immediate solutions with Europe, notably through the implementation of trade measures,” said the expert, who took part in a conference organized on Thursday in Tunis, on the sidelines of the festival of young fashion designers on the theme “Tunisia, a platform for Euro-med cooperation in the fashion and clothing sector”.

In this regard, the expert pointed out that, in general, Euro-Mediterranean trade has recorded a relative decline against an increase in exports from Asia to Europe.

“Tunisia, for its part, has lost its competitiveness and its position on the European textile-clothing markets,” according to Livas.

“Among the actions relating to the Tunisian textile-clothing sector, a dialogue should be launched between the industrialists and the administrations on both sides, while examining the possibility for Tunisia to participate in European programs, such as the one relating to SME or COSME, “he said.

For his part, Mathieu Gamet, President of MMMM (The Mediterranean Office for the Fashion Industry) in France, emphasized Tunisia’s fashion identity, which remains strong but little integrated in the Mediterranean, calling for showcasing the Tunisian creation to ensure its dissemination.

He recalled that four Tunisians were laureates in the fashion contest “Open My Med Prize”, launched since 2010 in France. The main objective of this competition is to bring together a new generation of fashion entrepreneurs in 19 countries of the Mediterranean.

President of the Professional Apparel and Clothing Group at the Confederation of Tunisian Citizen Enterprises (CONECT) Samir Ben Abdallah said the fashion sector is the best locomotive to revive the textile and clothing sector, given that young creators are the future of this sector.

A partnership agreement between the CONECT Professional Apparel and Clothing Group and the CNA Federmoda (Italy) will be signed to exchange experiences and information, to carry out joint actions and to ensure openness on the outside,” he announced.

Fashion shows for young Tunisian fashion designers as well as international designers will be

organized during the second edition of the Young Fashion Designers’ Festival 2017.

The parades will be followed by the presentation of the Best Tunisian Young Designer Award, best model for the year 2017 and best jewelry designer.


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