Tunisia: BIAT and DELOITTE work for perpetuation of family groups

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    BIAT has invested in a specific and in-depth approach of its clients, concretized by the launch of its Financial Advisory Division last November.

    A dedicated team accompanies, advises and supports companies in their development and restructuring projects. In order to fully play its role of support and counseling, BIAT organized a debate on the management of family groups in Tunisia on May 9, 2017, in partnership with Deloitte.

    Aware of the importance of the sustainability of family groups in the development and growth of the Tunisian economy, BIAT in collaboration with Deloitte organized a breakfast debate on the “Sustainability and Development of Family Groups in Tunisia”.

    About 60 shareholder leaders representing mainly the 2nd generation of family groups attended this debate, led by Mehdi Masmoudi, Head of BIAT’s Financial Advisory Division and Emna Kharouf, Managing Partner at Deloitte.

    The exchanges in the framework of the panel, made up of an international expert in Family Business specialized in the MENA zone and testimonies of Tunisian family groups, allowed the participants to capitalize on the different experiences, practices and approaches in various family groups abroad and in Tunisia.

    The main subjects dealt with were the tools for structuring and organizing family groups and their evolution over time, such as the role of family holdings, financial, legal and tax aspects, governance models, etc.

    Approaches to diversification, partnerships, preparation of transmission and approaches to formalization and sustainability of family values were also discussed.

    The objective of the event is to launch the debate and instill a culture of sharing and exchanging experiences between family groups and to make BIAT and Deloitte’s expertise available to clients in long term personalized accompaniment.


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