Tunisia: STEG does not skimp on investment: 632 MD per year!

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    Director General of the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Corporation (STEG), Moncef Harrabi, told a press conference held on Thursday (May 18) in Bizerte that the company is investing 632 million dinars (MD) each year for the maintenance and installation of power generation and transmission stations.

    He also stated that STEG has multiplied its efforts and has prepared an action plan with the objective of guaranteeing the continuity of the services of production stations through the reinforcement of maintenance operations and the work that will end by mid-June 2017.

    He said the peak demand for electricity for this summer will reach 3,900 MW, specifying that the total capacity of available electricity is about 4,100 MW.

    On another front, Moncef Harrabi called on citizens to rationalize the consumption of electricity and energy during the summer and limit the use of household appliances between 11 am and 3 pm to meet the needs.

    Caution, unpaid bills can kill the STEG

    For years, the company has embarked on an awareness-raising strategy to warn citizens of the risks arising from the large slate of unpaid bills and to ensure the sustainability of this national company, especially with the increase of the electricity consumption.

    In a recent interview with AfricanManager, the Director General of STEG said that unpaid debts to STEG threaten the financial stability and the future of this public institution.

    He added that the sums due to STEG currently amounts to 1000 million dinars of which 50% are unpaid bills by citizens.

    He also said the company intends to recover its debts from major customers such as companies and hotels but also from citizens, in order to safeguard its financial balances.

    If the current crisis in the company persists, especially with rising oil prices, the deficit of STEG will reach 2,000 million dinars in 2019, he noted.


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