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A vigorous debate took place on Thursday, March 21, 2019, after the presentation of the Circular No. 2018-14 of the Central Bank of Tunisia...

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The decision by the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) to raise the key rate by 100 basis points from 6.75% to 7.75% will make...

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Tunisian olive oil is highly appreciated not only locally but also internationally for its quality, taste and price. Today, the promotion of Tunisian olive oil...


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The Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA Tunisia) is organizing the Tunisian-Turkish Business Forum on April 22, 2019 in Istanbul, in partnership with the Tunisian...

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No less than 6 prestigious Tunisian hotels have already been nominated for the prestigious World Travel Awards. They are the “La Cigale Tabarka Hôtel”, the...

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Kenya and Tunisia are set to have direct flights as the African begin to establish better trade corporations and investment. According to PS State Department...

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The Tunisian-Kenyan Business Forum started on Thursday in Nairobi (Kenya), as part of the Tunisian business mission to Kenya (March 19-21), the Tunisian Export...

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The number of British tourists staying in hotels in Sousse and El Kantaoui in the period between January 1 and March 10, 2019 edged...

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The net profit of Best Lease fell by 10.75% to 6.3 MD, against 7.1 MD, in 2017. The leasing income reached 31.7 MD, at...


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The steep fall in energy prices may lead to the oil and gas industry cancelling about $1 trillion of planned projects globally in the next couple of years, a

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Saudi Arabia is looking to build on domestic and religious tourism totalling an estimated $45.3 billion at this year’s Arabian Travel Market (ATM)

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Journeys via private jets between emerging markets and the world’s leading cities are some of the fastest growing according to private aviation provider

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The Middle East power cables market has witnessed dramatic growth over the past decade due to large investments in the power, oil and gas, infrastructure

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The non-oil private sector in Saudi Arabia registered robust growth in February with its output expanding at a faster pace compared to the same period

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Egypt wants to attract foreign direct investments worth $60 billion and to get an average growth rate of seven per cent over the next four years, the country's