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A US Senate delegation recently visited Tunisia. Little information has yet emerged about the objects and purposes of this visit. The visit however caused much...

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During a two-day working visit to Tunisia, German Federal Minister for Economic Co-operation and Development, Dr. Gerd Müller, announced on Wednesday, October 10, 2018,...

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Slim Feriani, the Minister of Industry, SMEs, Energy, Mines and Renewables, recently gave Africanmanager an exclusive interview where he spoke about several points including...


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Tunisian leading aluminum manufacturer TPR has just released its activity indicators for the third quarter of 2018. The growth is in double digits. Thus, the...

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The Tunisian Company of Wholesale Markets (SOTUMAG) has just published its financial statements as of June 30, 2018. These statements show a net profit of...

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The hotel La Badira, founded by Mouna Ben Halima, received the Best Business Hotel Award in Africa, during the presentation meeting of the 16th...

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Bidders for Tunisia's 130-MW wind tender will have until December 18th to submit their application. As is the case with a similar auction for 70...

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The company GIF Filter has just concluded a distribution contract with an Ivorian partner for the marketing of its products in Côte d'Ivoire and...

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In a recent notice of threshold crossing, the Tunisian Insurance Group "GAT" said it had exceeded the rate of 10% in the capital of...


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The steep fall in energy prices may lead to the oil and gas industry cancelling about $1 trillion of planned projects globally in the next couple of years, a

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Saudi Arabia is looking to build on domestic and religious tourism totalling an estimated $45.3 billion at this year’s Arabian Travel Market (ATM)

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Journeys via private jets between emerging markets and the world’s leading cities are some of the fastest growing according to private aviation provider

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The Middle East power cables market has witnessed dramatic growth over the past decade due to large investments in the power, oil and gas, infrastructure

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The non-oil private sector in Saudi Arabia registered robust growth in February with its output expanding at a faster pace compared to the same period

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Egypt wants to attract foreign direct investments worth $60 billion and to get an average growth rate of seven per cent over the next four years, the country's