Tunisia: 1,348 Million DT deficit with Algeria and surplus of over 2 Billion TD with France

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    The balance of Tunisia’s trade balance posted a deficit of 8,106 MD, at the end of the first five months of the current year, according to figures of the INS, resulting from the deficit recorded with some countries, such as China (-2497.7 MD), Italy (-1,360.9 MD), Algeria (1,348.3 MD), Turkey (1,156.2 MD) and Russia (700 MD).

    On the other hand, the balance of the trade balance registered a surplus with other countries, mainly France by 2,095 MD, Libya by 577 MD and Morocco by 243.7 MD.

    Trade is in deficit under the general regime by 13,502.7 MD (-10,851 MD during the same period of the year 2018); however, it showed surplus under the offshore regime by 5,396.7 MD (+ 4,226.5 MD during the same period of 2018).

    Excluding energy, the deficit on the trade balance is reduced to 4,973.4 MD. The deficit in the energy balance stands at 3,132.6 MD (38.6% of the total deficit) against 2,054 MD during the same period in 2018.


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