Tunisia: 2.621 billion TD spent for purchase of energy products in 5 months

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    Tunisia’s imports grew 17.2% at the end of the first 5 months of 2019, said the National Institute of Statistics (INS), adding that the increase was observed in all sectors.

    Indeed, imports recorded increases of 39.9% for energy products due to higher purchases of refined products (2,621.5 MD against 2,205.7 MD) and natural gas (1,606.5 MD against 735.2 MD).

    Imports also grew 34.8% for mines, phosphates and derivatives, by 20.4% for basic agricultural and food products, by 20.3% for capital goods and by 9.2% for raw materials and semi-finished products.

    For imports, trade in goods with the European Union (52.2% of total imports) went up by 16.9% to reach 14,453.1 MD.

    Imports increased 17% with Italy and 10.8% with France.


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