Tunisia: Amen Bank announces net profit of 114 million dinars, up 26%

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    According to its individual financial statements as at 31 December, Amen Bank achieved a net profit of 113.9 million dinars against 90 million in 2016, posting a significant increase of 26.5%.

    The bank’s net income increased as a result of higher operating revenues and expense control.

    Thus, total banking income grew by 15.3 percent to 717 million dinars, while expenses increased by only 8.8 percent to 356.8 million dinars.

    For this purpose, Net Banking Income (NBI) for the year was up 22.5% to 360.1 million dinars against 293.8 million a year earlier.

    Despite an additional provisioning effort (+ 30%) and staff costs up 12.8%, Amen Bank generated operating income of 127.8 million dinars, i.e. an increase of 28.2% over 2016.


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