Tunisia: ATB remains profit-making

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    The financial statements of the Arab Tunisian Bank (ATB) show positive equity of 546,454 KTD, a net profit of 7,318 MTD after the 40,844 MTD of 2017, and a negative cash position at the end of the period of 373,697 MTD, strongly impacted by “changes in exchange rates on cash and cash equivalents – – Net change in cash and cash equivalents during the year”.

    In operation, the ATB will have done better than in 2017, since its total operating revenues grew from 438.93 MTD to 522.448 MTD in 2018.

    The ATB’s GDP also improved from 236,316 MTD in 2017 to 246,389 MTD last year.

    The operating result was, however, fairly strongly impacted by bank operating expenses which rose by almost 73.5 MTD, in various endowments and staff costs.


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