Tunisia: foreign currency reserves rise to high level in over two years

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    Net foreign exchange reserves reached, on Monday, September 9, 2019, for the first time in over two years, nearly 17,769 million dinars (MD), i.e. the equivalent of 100 days of import, according to data published on the website of the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT).

    At the same date last year, foreign currency reserves were just under 11,009 MD, the equivalent of 70 days of imports.

    Tunisia’s foreign exchange reached 3 digits on Monday, exceeding the “recommended minimum security threshold” set at 90 days of import.

    Cumulative tourism receipts reached 3,933.5 MD according to the September 8, 2019 data, against 1,279.4 MD over the same period 2018 and the cumulative labor income amounted to 3,281.4 MD against 2,804.9 MD during the same period last year, boosting foreign exchange reserves.


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