Tunisia: foreign investment down 9.4%, portfolio investment down 78.1%

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    The flow of foreign investment reached 2,145 MD (million dinars) at the end of December 2016, down 9.4% from 2015.

    It is divided at the rate of 2,057.2 MTD in foreign direct investment (+ 4.6%) and 87.8 MTD in portfolio (down 78.1%), according to the foreign investment balance sheet for the year 2016, which has just been published by the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA).

    The energy sector remained at the top position in terms of attracting foreign investment, amounting to 960.3 MTD, while decreasing by 1%, followed by industry which drained 794.5 MTD, up 40.4%.

    Foreign investment in agriculture, which remains low, of no more than 20.8 MTD, increased by 123.4%, while those in services fell by 33.2% to 281.7 MTD.


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