Tunisia: OneTech Group announces turnover of nearly 900 million dinars in 2019

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    The OneTech group’s revenues reached 899 million dinars for the year 2019, up 7.1% compared to their level in 2018.

    Exports, which increased by 7.8% over the period, consolidating at the level of 80.2% of the group’s consolidated turnover to reach 720.8 million dinars.

    The consolidated revenues of mechatronics (electronic components and modules) reached 425 million dinars, up 5.9% compared to their 2018 level. The sales of this component are almost entirely intended for export.

    The consolidated revenues of the cable component amounted to 411 million dinars, up 8.8% with a share of exports of 291 million dinars, or 71% of total sales.

    In addition, OneTech Group’s investment effort in 2019 was focused on innovation, quality and productivity improvement. Physical investments reached, over the whole year 2019, a sum of 33 million dinars.

    As for the group’s overall debt, it is down -10.8% compared to its 2018 level, from 145 to 129 million dinars.


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