Tunisia: public debt outstanding amounts to 82.6 billion TND at end June

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    Tunisia’s public debt outstanding stood at 82.6 billion dinars in late June against 72.4 billion dinars during the same period in 2018 and 81.3 billion dinars by year end.

    The share of external debt in the total outstanding government debt rose to 71.1% by the end of June 2019, amounting to 58.7 billion dinars, in comparison with 68.9% in the same period last year, provisional budgetary execution figures released by the Finance Ministry show.

    Figures also reveal a deceleration in the domestic debt share to 28.9% compared to 31.1% by late June last year, i.e. is 23.9 billion TND.

    The debt comes from multilateral cooperation (48.8%), the financial market (35.1%) and bilateral cooperation (16.1%). The major part of borrowings were made in euro (51.6%) followed by the dollar (31%) and the Japanese Yen (11.4%).

    The 2019 Finance Law projected that the public debt outstanding would stand at 82.9 billion TND, i.e. 70.9% of the GDP, against 81.3 billion by late 2018, i.e. 76.7% of GDP


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