Tunisia: SIPHAT sees its income drop by 27% to 22 MD in 2019

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    The turnover of “Société des Industries Pharmaceutiques de Tunisie” (SIPHAT) amounted to 22.3 million dinars at the end of 2019, against 30.9 million dinars a year earlier, i.e. a decrease of -27.7%.

    Last year, the turnover from exports posted a decline of 39% compared to that achieved in 2018 to 759 thousand dinars.

    The value of the production realized during the year 2019 was about 19.7 million dinars, against 28.7 million during the year 2018, down 31%.

    As for debt, it fell from 34.7 million dinars in 2018 to 31.7 million dinars at the end of 2019, down 8.9%


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