Tunisia: SOMOCER realizes net profit of 2.2 million dinars in H1

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    The Modern Ceramics Company “SOMOCER” has published its interim financial statements as of June 30, 2019 showing a net profit of 2.2 million dinars, compared to 1.8 million during the same period of the previous year, i.e. 22% increase.

    At the end of the first six months of the year, the company achieved operating income of 45.4 million dinars, up 15% over last year, of which 28 million from the local market and 5.3 million from exports.

    Operating expenses amounted to 39 million dinars, compared with 32 million at the end of June 2018, including 28.9 million procurement purchases and 6.4 million personnel costs.

    For this purpose, the manufacturer of tiles, sandstone, bathtubs and atomized powder realized a surplus operating profit of 6.4 million dinars, against 7.3 million a year earlier.

    In addition, the company’s net financial expenses continued to rise to 6.4 million dinars, compared with 5 million at the end of June 2018.


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