Tunisia: State seeks to recover about 6.5 billion TD in bad debt

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    The state wants to recover about 6.5 billion dinars bad debts, Taoufik Rajhi, Minister-Advisor to the Prime Minister in charge of Monitoring Major Reforms announced at the national symposium on major reforms held Wednesday in Tunis.

    The minister said three banks are concerned by this debt recovery plan. They are the “Société Tunisienne de Banque” (STB), the “Banque Nationale Agricole” (BNA) and the “Banque de l’Habitat” (BH), Reuters reported.

    Rajhi also said “the government also plans to set up a works monitoring committee, in collaboration with the parliament, whose objective is to provide banks with legal tools to recover these bad debts, such as the ability to cancel late fees and give these financial institutions the right to reconcile with customers,” he pointed out.


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