Tunisia tenders to buy durum, soft wheat and barley

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    Tunisia’s state grains agency has issued an international tender to purchase about 42,000 tons of durum wheat, 117,000 tons of soft wheat and 75,000 tons of feed barley, European traders were quoted by Reuters as saying on Thursday.

    The tender closes on Friday, Nov. 23 they said. The grains can be sourced from optional origins.

    The durum is sought in one 25,000-ton consignment and one of 17,000 tons for shipment between Feb. 5 and Feb. 25, 2019, depending on origin.

    The soft wheat is sought in four consignments of 25,000 tons and one of 17,000 tons for shipment between Dec. 15, 2018, and Feb. 5, 2019, also depending on origin, they said.

    The barley is sought in three 25,000-ton consignments for shipment between Dec. 25, 2018, and Feb. 15, 2019, also depending on origin.

    In its last reported tender on Oct. 24, Tunisia purchased around 100,000 tons of soft milling wheat, 50,000 tons of durum wheat and 100,000 tons of feed barley.


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