Tunisia: tourist receipts soar 42.5%, close to 2 billion dinars in H1

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    Cumulative tourism receipts reached 1.98 billion dinars in the first half of the year, compared to 1.39 billion dinars a year earlier, i.e. a growth of 42.5% (+591 million dinars), according to the data published by the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT).

    In contrast to previous years, this increase is not only the result of the exchange rate effect, since the dinar depreciated by only 8.9% against the dollar between end-June 2018 (1 dollar = 2,640 dinars) and end June 2019 (1 dollar = 2.874) while vis-à-vis the euro the country’s currency depreciated by only 4.2% from 3.138 dinars to 3,270 dinars between the two dates.

    In addition, the number of foreign tourists stood at 3.774 million visitors at the end of June, up 16.7% from last year and 15.7% over 2010.

    The rise mainly concerned Maghreb tourists (+ 18.3%) and Europeans (+ 22%), especially the British (+ 119%) and French nationals (+ 26.2%).


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