Tunisia: trade deficit widens to 11,163.8 million TND to end July

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    The trade deficit soared to 11,163.8 million dinars in the first seven months of 2019 in comparison with 9,946.5 million dinars during the same period last year, the foreign trade at current price figures (July 2019) of the National Institute of Statistics (French: INS) show.

    The coverage rate rose 0.2 percentage point compared to the first seven months of 2018, standing at 70.5% against 70.3%.

    This is due to the deficit posted with such countries as China (-3,466.1 MD), Italy (-1,786.4 MD), Algeria (-1,707 MD), Turkey (-1,502.6 MD) and Russia (-853 MD).

    On the contrary, the balance of trade recorded a surplus, mainly with France (2,538.9 MD), Libya (775.1 MD) and Morocco (290 MD).

    Exclusive of energy, the trade deficit edged down to 6,996.6 MD. Deficit in the energy balance jumped to 4,167.3 MD (37.3% of the total deficit) from 3,238.2 MD during the same period last year.


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