Tunisia: water reserves in dams far from averages of last three years

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    Water reserves in dams reached 664 million m3 after the last rainfall, down nearly 518 million m3 compared to the average of that same day three years ago, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries said Monday.

    The department denied in a statement, reports claiming that 11 dams have reached their maximum capacity, despite the abundance of rainfall recorded on September 29, 2016, with record amounts, the largest reaching 232 millimeters (mm) in the governorate of Mahdia, 193 mm in Téboulba and 175 mm in Sousse.

    The same source said the geographical distribution map of the total rainfall recorded recently revealed the existence of two centers of rainfall in the governorates of Sousse and those of Monastir and Mahdia.


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